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1. How do I place an order?

Yossi Harari jewelry has been designed and hand crafted/manufactured to the highest quality standards. Proper care and maintenance will preserve the beauty and appearance of your Yossi Harari jewelry. Periodic examination of clasps and settings to ensure a secure fit is recommended.  Take care to avoid exposing jewelry to substances containing bleach or ammonia and remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean. Always put your jewelry on after you dress to avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics or other household chemicals. 

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2. How should I clean my Yossi Harari Jewelry?

Pour a small amount of mild soap/ dishwashing liquid into lukewarm water and use a small, cotton swab or soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry. Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewelry with intricate details, which can otherwise be difficult to clean. If the dirt is hard to remove, soak the jewelry in clean water. This particular cleaning method should not be used to clean jewelry with cultured freshwater pearls (see Cultured Freshwater Pearls for more details).

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3. How should I store my Yossi Harari Jewelry?

When it is not being worn, always store your jewelry in its original case. If this is impractical, use a suitably lined box or protective pouch. To avoid scratches, each piece of jewelry should be stored separately and bracelets should always be stored flat. 

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24K Pure Gold Jewelry

24k gold is a muse for and the basis of Yossi jewelry, which is handcrafted exclusively in 24k gold, in Istanbul. The rich yellow color and warm feel of pur gold reminds us of the spectacular jewels of ancient times.

Silver /Gilver

xposure to air, dust or other elements, particularly those containing sulfur, may cause sterling silver to tarnish more rapidly.  There are a number of non-abrasive polishes on the market specifically designed to remove tarnish.  Always read the warning label and take care when using polishes on jewelry containing gemstones.  Never store your Yossi Harari Silver jewelry in a leather pouch or bag.


Special attention should be paid to Yossi Harari gemstone jewelry.  Avoid extreme temperature changes and contact with household chemicals.  Never expose stones to hot solutions, abrasive cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners.  With the exception of pearls, which require special care, gemstones may be cleaned with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner.

Yossi Harari Turquoise and Pearl Jewelry require special care to keep the stones looking their best.  Never let these stones come in contact with creams, ammoniated liquid, nail polish remover OR chlorinated water (swimming pools, etc.). 

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Try to prevent your cultured freshwater pearls from being exposed to water, makeup, creams, chemicals and cleaning agents. Cultured freshwater pearls cannot withstand silver polish. Do not use a silver-polishing cloth as it may dull your pearls. Instead we recommend mild soap mixed with lukewarm water. Use your fingers to gently clean your jewelry. Do not use a brush. Pat dry and lay flat until completely dry. 

Beaded Pieces

Beaded pieces are strung on the finest silk. It is advisable not to wear the beaded pieces in water.


Oxidation disappears with time. This is considered normal wear and tear and is not a defect.

Things which may cause the oxidation to fade include: perspiration, chlorine, perfumes, cleaning agents, and silver polish. We do not recommend using silver polishing liquid. Oxidized (dark) jewelry does not benefit from being dipped in silver polishing liquid, as it destroys the oxidation.  

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4. What do I need to know about my Yossi Harari product?

When you place an order and it is dispatched you will receive an email notification with a tracking number. Use the tracking number to locate your parcel on the UPS website. Please note that you will not be able to track your order until the day after you receive your tracking information.

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5. How are Yossi Harari pieces hallmarked?

Our pieces are hallmarked xxx which represents the purity of the gold. The Yossi Harari logo is engraved on each item  

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