Information & Jewelry Care

1. How should I care for my Yossi Harari Jewelry?

Yossi Harari jewelry has been designed and hand crafted to the highest quality standards. Proper care and maintenance will preserve the beauty and appearance of your jewelry. 24K Gold is a soft metal so extra care must be taken to avoid dents and deformation. Beaded pieces are strung on the finest silk. It is advisable not to wear the beaded pieces in water.

We advise our customers to remove jewelry prior to cleaning, bathing and swimming and ensure that the jewelry is not exposed UV light, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics.

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2. How should I clean my Yossi Harari Jewelry?

The best way to clean your jewelry is by periodically using a soft professional jewelry polishing cloth

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3. How should I store my Yossi Harari Jewelry?

When it is not being worn, always store your jewelry in its original case. If this is impractical, use a suitably lined box or protective pouch. To avoid scratches, each piece of jewelry should be stored separately and bracelets should always be stored flat. 

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4. What do I need to know about my Yossi Harari product?

24K is a muse for and the basis of Yossi Harari jewelry, which is handcrafted exclusively in 24K gold, in Istanbul. The rich yellow color and warm feel of pure gold reminds us of the spectacular jewels of ancient times. Each piece is handcrafted without the use of molds or castings, ensuring that no two pieces are ever exactly alike and makes wearing Yossi jewelry an entirely individual experience.
The Lilah Collection is handcrafted from “Gilver”, Yossi’s signature unique alloy which combines oxidized silver with 24K gold and gives a sophisticated black finish to the jewelry. Oxidized jewelry does not benefit from being dipped in silver polishing liquid, as it destroys the oxidation. Simply use a jewelry polishing cloth for maintaining the look of your jewelry.

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5. How are Yossi Harari pieces hallmarked?

Our 24K pieces are hallmarked YOSSI 24k which represents the purity of the gold.  

6. How do I contact Yossi Harari customer service with a general inquiry?

For consumer inquiries please contact our Yossi Harari Jewelry Customer email at  

7. Why does my product or gemstone look different from the image pictured on the website?

The product photography displayed on our website matches the product as closely as possible. All of our jewelry is hand-finished with genuine gemstones, so exact details can vary slightly. This is all a part of what makes your Yossi Harari Jewelry unique and special.
The photographs and other images featured on our website may appear slightly larger or smaller than the actual size of the jewelry due to screen defaults and photography techniques. Other items may be represented at a larger than actual size in order to clearly show details, or smaller than actual size in order to show the entire item. Additionally the detailing (such as color, pattern and texture, etc.) you see on-screen will depend on your monitor and, as such, may not exactly reflect the actual detailing of a Jewelry when you receive it.  

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8. What size ring should I buy?

Please click this link for our ring size guide.
Yossi Harari would love to keep all ring sizes in stock for our valued customers so orders ship without a wait.  However, due to the custom nature of our products, all rings cannot be stocked in all sizes. To check ring size availability email us  

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9. What size bracelet should I buy?

Please click this link for our bracelet size guide  

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10. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept the following forms of payment for orders placed on  American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

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